Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 9- Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Colgate is known for all its advertising techniques through out the world. Their sales promotions are very famous because everyone knows about Colgate and its main purpose of selling. Colgate practices a lot of relationship selling because they make specific products targeted to specific people for a certain cause or personal problems that a consumer might have but they also have a general target market where everyone is targeted.Colgate generates a great sales lead because as I might have mentioned before, Colgate's products are proven to be #1 toothpaste reccomended by doctors and approved by the FDA so this allows consumers to gain confidence and be secure about the products they purchase. Colgate has an intangible relationship with their customers because by their advertising and marketing skills they have the ability to capture thier customers. Just by looking at their total over view of sales you will know that Colgate is successful because customers keep coming back for more. Colgate also offers many premiums. You can walk into any store like Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aide or any small neighborhood store and notice that many Colgate products offer like a small travel size toothpaste or tooth brush along with the toothpaste free of charge.


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