Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 7- Retailing

Colgate retailing is very important because a Colgate consumer can practically purchase Colgate Total or any Colgate toothpaste in almost any nearby store in NYC and in many other places all over the world. Colgate being the number one toothpaste guaranteed and proven to work better than most toothpaste makes them very popular. Colgate consumers can buy toothpaste at a grocery store, whole sale store or any supermarket. The level of service for a consumer is high because if you would go into Target you would see that the toothpaste section has all the Colgate toothpastes are separate from the others so that people can see the variety of Colgate's toothpaste. For the majority, it meets the customers satisfaction because they would always find their product. Colgate toothpaste ranges from $2 to $4 making it affordable for most people especially because it is proven to be worth what it costs. Retailing is very important and very big all over the world. Colgate has developed global commercial selling principles that apply to their relationships with customers. Colgate is strengthening its retail trade partnership through shopper marketing initiatives. Those marketing programs are developed and executed in partnership with their retail consumers. A majority of Colgate's sales come from small neighborhood stores. Colgate shoppers are considered smart shoppers.

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