Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 5- Global Marketing

Colgate is so diverse they have over 30,000 people from countries all around the world. There are many career opportunities available for people with diverse knowledge and backgrounds. Their Supplier Diversity team encourages relationships with minority-owned and women-owned businesses that meet or exceed expectations for quality, speed, innovations and cost effectiveness. Through numerous efforts, educational and cultural programs have been established benefiting and empowering families accross the globe. "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" is a program that promotes oral health education and prevention to understand children around the world. They distribute videos, story books, software and interactive activities to millions each year. Colgate's global marketing has been strongly recognized all over the world. To honor their success, they are advertised in magazines, newspapers and other foundations in other countries. For example, in Italy, it was advertised as a "Best Companies to Work For" and in the United Kingdom it was said that it is "Best North American Company in the UK Market." At Colgate they understand that each globale market has its own unique purchasing preferences. Recent U.S. Census data confirms that Hispanic-American , African-American, and Asian-American markets are the fastest growing consumer markets in both numbers and purchasing power.

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