Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

So I've continued to use Colgate Total and I absolutely love it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 15- Segmenting and Targeting Markets

Colgate's market segmentation is very broad because all their products are of need to most people so those people share a similar interest in product needs. Colgate uses a segmentation bases by knowing that certain groups of people need Colgate toothpaste for a specific similar reason like yellow teeth, sensitive teeth or just teeth with cavities. Colgate also uses the family life cycle because they make toothpaste that could be used for grown ups and children. Also, special toothbrushes are made to attract young children with carttoon characters and different tastes and are less strong so that it wouldnt damage their gums. When Colgate does this they use demographic segmentation because they market toothpaste and toothbrushes for all sizes and ages. Almost everyone who uses Colgate toothpaste is in some kind of similar group like other people other than just using regular toothpaste and toothbrushes. Everyone who brushes their teeth are considered a target market for Colgate-Palmolive company. Colgate positioned several toothpaste so that people would like the products more like adding a different style or taste to the toothpaste. Colgate repositions their products because with the way they market and promote their products, consumers know that these products are way better than other brands and competition that is out there.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A few years ago,inventor Edward Melcarek brought his idea to Colgate-Palmolive through a challenge on the innocentive web page, which invented entreprenuers to devisean efficient way to inject flouride into a toothpaste tube without getting flouride all over the place. As compensation for his innovation, Melcarek received a $25,000 award directly from innocentive.

Week 13- Developing and Managing Products

Colgate is well recognized for having many product lines and adding changes to existing products. Colgate also launches many new products such as the Wisp! that was released last year. In the year 2000, Colgate-Palmolive announces the introduction of an advanced, new toothpaste to help people suffering with sensitive teeth. The new Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength toothpaste contains a break through, dual formula technology that delivers maximum strenght relief to soothe sensitive teeth. In 2005 Colgate-Palmolive was focused on a relatively new product attribute that was strong shiny enamel for Luminous smiles. It was a major launch that year.
Not only does Colgate get their product ideas from the professionals that are part of the company itself, but they also get ideas through the public, consumers and followers. Somewhere in the Colgate webpaege you can apply for a patent and be able to submit your ideas or thoughts to better a product. You can also give your feedback on existing products you might or might not like. Colgate-Palmolive launches hundreds of products each year. They also open innovation intermediaries to find ideas. Companies such as Innocentive take the problesm of giant corporate clients and post them as challenges for entreprenuers to solve.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 12- Customer Relationship Management

Keeping customers satisfied is the ultimate goal of Colgate-Palmolive. Being that people wouldn't be able to brush their teeth in the streets, Colgate invented a small travel size product called the Wisp! that would clean your teeth in a matter of seconds. When they came up with this product they targeted mainly to people who like to live the nightlife or just are out all day and need to clean their teeth. Unlike gum, the Wisp! cleans their teeth. You could chew gum, but it doesn't necessarily clean your teeth.
Colgate knows what customers need because everyone or the majority of people want to keep their teeth clean and fresh because many people rather substitute that with going to the dentist not that Colgate promotes anything mentioning that they shouldn't visit a dentist. Colgate has the ultimate customer relationship because even if a customers buys a simple toothbrush from Colgate, they know they are getting their moneys' worth. Colgate markets all over the world, and being that their advertising everywhere they are famous and want people to know that they are still working to make their products better. Sort of like a reminder.
Around the world, Colgate is working closely with thousands of small shop owners and local wholesalers to ensure greater visibility on the store shelf. For instance, to drive distribution and greater awareness for Colgate Twister Fresh manual toothbrush in the Antioquia region of Columbia, Colgate provided shop owners with training on products benefits and utilized in-store signage and displays along with local media support. Within three months of the campaign, Colgate's toothbrush market share in that region grew from 24% to 43%.
Treating all customers with transparency, fairness and integrity is a priority at Colgate. All Colgate people who have contact with customers are required to complete a workshop on implementing the company's goal commercial selling principles.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Colgate's Competition

Colgate and Crest have been in competition for a long time now. The battle actually evolved into a couple of filed lawsuits in 2001 and 2003 over brands which one thought were to close to their brand in both name and ingredients. Spending as much as 90 million dollars in advertising a year both comapnies continue in an intense battle for market share and introduction of so called better, products on a yearly basis. The brands Crest trademark and product of Proctor and Gamble Company and Colgate product of competitor Colgate-Palmolive have continued to diversify their product year by year in the hopes that one of the new toothpastes will propel them into the market share leader the position both want to adore. Both companies have come out with similar products but slightly different in taste and look but mainly for the same purpose. Colgate being more successful at consumer brands because they advertise more are recognized for their excellent products. Colgate is a bigger and more successful company that has spread globally for being number one.

Week 11- Integrated Marketing Communications

Colgate-Palmolive have many years of marketing experience in which their company has been very successful. Colgate-Palmolive has conducted Market Contact Audit study for toothpaste category in 2006 and 2007, which is a proprietary model from Integration Marketing & Communication. The study included 3 phases, i.e. Qualitative, Quantitative and tracker stage. It has helped Colgates identify the most influential contacts or touch points in the category and to gather learning that helps in the design of an optional Colgate brand experience. Learning from interaction with MCA system has been applied in Colgate marketing communication strategy to enhance brand experience. With consumer affairs departments in more than 55 countries, its clear how valuable consumer input is to Colgate. Colgate consumers expect that the products will be subject to rigorous safety evaluations before entering the marketing place. Colgate regularly receives personal consumer information through marketing events, inquiries and consumer opinions. They place advertising in a variety of media including tv, radio, print, internet and outdoor. They seek outlets that reflect the sensibilities of their target consumers. Colgate-Palmolive know that they have many consumers who are loyal to the Colgate products and help them advertise their products by word of mouth.