Sunday, November 14, 2010

Colgate's Competition

Colgate and Crest have been in competition for a long time now. The battle actually evolved into a couple of filed lawsuits in 2001 and 2003 over brands which one thought were to close to their brand in both name and ingredients. Spending as much as 90 million dollars in advertising a year both comapnies continue in an intense battle for market share and introduction of so called better, products on a yearly basis. The brands Crest trademark and product of Proctor and Gamble Company and Colgate product of competitor Colgate-Palmolive have continued to diversify their product year by year in the hopes that one of the new toothpastes will propel them into the market share leader the position both want to adore. Both companies have come out with similar products but slightly different in taste and look but mainly for the same purpose. Colgate being more successful at consumer brands because they advertise more are recognized for their excellent products. Colgate is a bigger and more successful company that has spread globally for being number one.

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