Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 12- Customer Relationship Management

Keeping customers satisfied is the ultimate goal of Colgate-Palmolive. Being that people wouldn't be able to brush their teeth in the streets, Colgate invented a small travel size product called the Wisp! that would clean your teeth in a matter of seconds. When they came up with this product they targeted mainly to people who like to live the nightlife or just are out all day and need to clean their teeth. Unlike gum, the Wisp! cleans their teeth. You could chew gum, but it doesn't necessarily clean your teeth.
Colgate knows what customers need because everyone or the majority of people want to keep their teeth clean and fresh because many people rather substitute that with going to the dentist not that Colgate promotes anything mentioning that they shouldn't visit a dentist. Colgate has the ultimate customer relationship because even if a customers buys a simple toothbrush from Colgate, they know they are getting their moneys' worth. Colgate markets all over the world, and being that their advertising everywhere they are famous and want people to know that they are still working to make their products better. Sort of like a reminder.
Around the world, Colgate is working closely with thousands of small shop owners and local wholesalers to ensure greater visibility on the store shelf. For instance, to drive distribution and greater awareness for Colgate Twister Fresh manual toothbrush in the Antioquia region of Columbia, Colgate provided shop owners with training on products benefits and utilized in-store signage and displays along with local media support. Within three months of the campaign, Colgate's toothbrush market share in that region grew from 24% to 43%.
Treating all customers with transparency, fairness and integrity is a priority at Colgate. All Colgate people who have contact with customers are required to complete a workshop on implementing the company's goal commercial selling principles.

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