Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 11- Integrated Marketing Communications

Colgate-Palmolive have many years of marketing experience in which their company has been very successful. Colgate-Palmolive has conducted Market Contact Audit study for toothpaste category in 2006 and 2007, which is a proprietary model from Integration Marketing & Communication. The study included 3 phases, i.e. Qualitative, Quantitative and tracker stage. It has helped Colgates identify the most influential contacts or touch points in the category and to gather learning that helps in the design of an optional Colgate brand experience. Learning from interaction with MCA system has been applied in Colgate marketing communication strategy to enhance brand experience. With consumer affairs departments in more than 55 countries, its clear how valuable consumer input is to Colgate. Colgate consumers expect that the products will be subject to rigorous safety evaluations before entering the marketing place. Colgate regularly receives personal consumer information through marketing events, inquiries and consumer opinions. They place advertising in a variety of media including tv, radio, print, internet and outdoor. They seek outlets that reflect the sensibilities of their target consumers. Colgate-Palmolive know that they have many consumers who are loyal to the Colgate products and help them advertise their products by word of mouth.

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