Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 6- Importance of Understanding Consumer Behavior

For Colgate, consumer behavior is very important. Colgate knows that there are many people out there that have many problems with their teeth such as plaques, bad breath, gingivitis and cavities. Colgate does their research and know that people need a toothpaste to fight against germs and all that i have mentioned. Colgate also understands that consumer decision making is very important thats why they market thier products especially toothpaste to be the #1 doctor's approved and FDA approved recommended toothpaste. They do this so that consumers are aware that the product is good and authentic. Colgate knows they get a positive evalution from consumers because once they finish their product to go out for more. Colgate knows that there are certain things that do not work for everyone so they take their product and change it a little bit by adding or deducting a certain taste to the product so that it can meet the consumers needs. Consumers word of mouth expands the sales production of a product specifically Colgate because everyone wants a fresh clean smile. Its easy for a Colgate consumer to make a decision based on their routine because if the consumer knows the product is good, they will continue to purchase it. Now Colgate Total has been marketing that this toothpaste fights germs for 12 hours after you brush your teeth and they know that most consumers would like that. Research shows that regular toothpaste wouldnt do this. Marketing strategies like that keep consumers satisfied and keeps them going back. Famous rap star Lil Wayne has over $150,000 worth of diamonds in his grill. To protect his investment he brushes his teeth after lunch and dinner with Colgate toothpaste.

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